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Nuprol Boa QD lyddemper - Svart - Kort

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Art.nr: 52816
På lager: 6
The Suppressor is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with Foam Internals and a centralised Spring to keep the path clear. The Foam Internals are designed to absorb as much of the excess noise as possible from the end of the barrel, to deaden the sound of the shot. The Spring has been added to the centre of the suppressor to keep the foam from collapsing, and to hold the foam away from BBs travelling through the suppressor. This variant of the BOCCA Series suppressors has been specifically designed to be Quickly Detached from the rifle. By holding the release lever and clicking it one step the suppressor simply pulls off the bird cage, and to re-attach the same process is followed. This allows the suppressor to be quickly added and disconnected even during a firefight. This package comes with not just the suppressor, but with the 14mm Counter Clock-wise (CCW) Bird Cage Flash Hider, allowing you to attach this Suppressor to any 14mm CCW Positive Threaded Rifle Outer Barrel. This is the perfect suppressor for any Airsoft Skirmisher looking for a realistic looking and heavy weight Quick Detach Suppressor.

Part of NUPROLs BOCCA Suppressor Range
Quick Detach Design
Deadens Sound with Foam Filled Core
Full Durable Alloy Construction
Attaches to included Flash Hider
Includes Bird Cage 14mm CCW Flash Hider
End Cap and Bottom can be removed to replace the Internal Foam
Secure QD System
Lengde: 127mm

Produktet inkluderer:
BOCCA Series BOA Quick Detach Suppressor
BOCCA Series Bird Cage Flash Hider

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